Skirnismal – The Sending of Skirnir – EN



Translated by Dave Muijen aka SjpielseWolf

Freyr, the son of Njord, sat on his throne Hlidskjalf. When he was sitting there, he could oversee all the worlds. He gazed from his throne to Jotunheim, where the giants live. He saw how a pretty girl walked from her father’s hall to her own room. He liked the looks of the girl so much, that he fell instantly in love with her! He wouldn’t eat, he wouldn’t talk, and could only think about this beautiful, but unknown girl.

Njord, Freyr’s father doesn’t know what’s going on with his son. This is why he asks Skirnir – Freyr’s friend and servant to speak to go and talk to him.


1 Go now, and talk to my son.
Try to discover,
Why he behaves so strangely.


2 Ok, I will talk to your son.
As soon I find out why he is acting so weird,
I will let you know.

Skirnir went towards Freyr…


3 Tell me beautiful Freyr, most important of the gods,
I would really like to know,
Why you sit here for days all by yourself,
In that big broad hall.


4 How shall I tell you,
You young hero,
Of my big sorrow?
Even if the sun rises every morning,
To enlighten everything with it’s rays,
My deep desire,
Shall the rays of the sun never enlighten.


5 I think,
Your desires aren’t so big,
That you should’nt be allowed to tell them to me.
We have always, since we were still little,
trusted eachother.


6 I have seen a nice girl coming out of the house of the giant Gymir.
Her arms were so radiant,
That by the shine,
The entire sky and see were lightened.

7 Never before,
A girl meant more to a man,
But none of the gods or elves,
Will allow,
That she and I shall be together.


8 Then give me the horse that thru the darkness,
And magical flickering flames goes.
Give me as well the sword that on it’s own strength,
Fights against the grimm giants.


9 I will give you the horse that thru the darkness,
And magical flames goes.
As well I give you the sword that finds as by itself,
Against the grimm giants,
If a worthy hero uses it.

Skirnir says to the horse:

10 Dark is it without you,
I think the time has come,
To thru the wild mountains,
To ride to where the giants are,
We shall both return,
Else the horrible giant,
Has taken us both!

Skirnir entered Jotunheim, where the giants live,
On his way to the house of the giant Gymir,
Dangerous dogs on chains,
In for of the gate of the fence,
That arround the house of Gerda layed.
He rode towards a shepherd,
That sat upon a hill,
and spoke:

11 Tell me shepherd,
Sitting on your hill,
From which you can see all roads:
How can I speak to the girl,
Passed the dogs of Gymir?

The shepherd:

12 Are you doomed to die,
Or are you already dead?
You, rider that has ridden to here.
Never you shall speak,
To the beautiful daughter of Gymir!


13 Bravery is better,
Then talking alone,
My feet brought me to here,
Destiny already determined when I shall die,
My entire life is foreseen,
And everything led to this point.


14 What is that noise,
That I hear in our house?
The ground shakes,
The entire house of Grymnir,
And everything arround me,
Shakes as well!


15 There is someone standing outside,
Who jumped of his horse,
And let’s his horse graze freely…


16 Ask the man to come inside,
And drink good mead,
Here in our hall,
But I think,
That out there,
Stands the murderer of my brother!

17 Are you an Elf, a child of the Aesir,
Or one of the wise Vanir?
How did you get by yourself thru the jumping flames,
So that you could see our houses?



18 I am no Elf, and no Aesir,
Also of the wise Vanir I am none.
But I did get by myself thru the flames,
To look at your house.

19 Eleven apples, all of gold,
Shall I give you here now Gerda,
To buy your loyalty,
So that Freyr,
Shall become your dearest.


20 I never shall take those eleven apples,
Of any man,
Also shall I and Freyr,
Never live together in a house,
As long we both live.


21 Then I bring you the ring,
That long ago together,
With the son of Odin got burned.
From this ring fall eight new rings,
Of the same weight,
On every ninth night.


22 The ring I dont want,
Even f it was long ago together,
Burned with the son of Odin.
In the house of Gymir,
There is no lack of gold,
My father is wealthy enough.


23 You see girl,
This sharp, bright sword,
That I hold here in my hand?
I shall immediately chop the head off your neck,
If you don’t do what I want.

24 By nobody,
Shall I be steered by power,
But luckily Gymir shall love to fight you,
If he finds you here.


25 You see girl,
This sharp, bright sword,
I hold here in my hand?
Before the blade touches the old giant,
Your father is doomed to die.

26 I hit you girl,
With my magical wand,
To tame you,
And to let you do what I want.
You shall go there,
Where no man can ever see you.

27 Upon the hill of the eagle,
You will forever sit,
With the view upon the gates of Hel.
Your flesh will be even more disgusting to yourself,
Then the gray midgardserpent is for mankind.

28 Grimm to see,
If you appear,
The giant Hrimnir shall stare at you,
People shall loathe when they see you.
You shall become more famous then the watchman of the gods!
Keep on gazing, from your prison.

29 Fury and desire,
Shackles and anger,
Tears and torture I wish you.
Where you sit,
My curse with whole my heart,
And twice as heavy,
Have effect on you.

30 In the house of the giant,
Shall disgusting things,
Hurt you daily with evil deeds.
Failure you shall get, instead of happiness,
And sadness to suffer with tears.

With three-headed giants,
Shall you once live together,
Or never shall you have a man.
Let the desire grip you,
Let the abuse abuse you.
Be like the thistle that in a dark corner,
Gets thrown away and crushed.

32 I go to the woods,
And to the wet forest,
To gain a magical staff…

I gained a magical staff.

33 Odin becomes angry,
Angry is the best of the gods,
Freyr shall be your enemy,
Most evil maid,
With the magical anger,
Of the gods turned against you.

34 Listen rulers of the frost,
Hear it giants,
Sons of Suttung,
And gods you as well,
How I forbid,
And how I ban,
The meeting of men with the maid,
The joy of men with the maid!

35 Hrimgrimnir is he,
The giant that shall have you,
In the depth at the doors of Hel,
To the hall of the frostgiants you shall go every day,
Crawling and longing without hope.

36 Lowstanding wretches,
At the root of the tree,
Shall hold the filthy drinking horns for you.
A drink that fits you better you never shall find,
That meets your wishes,
That meets my wishes.

37 I wrote you a spell containing three runes:
Desire, madness and lust.
But what I have written,
I can make undone,
Might I feel the need.


38 Rather feel welcome,
And take a cold beaker filled with mead,
But I did not believe,
That I ever have so much love,
For one of the Vanir.


39 My message to Freyr,
I really must know now,
Before I ride towards home:
How fast shall you,
With the mighty son of Njord,
Have a meeting?


40 Barri there is,
Which we both know well,
A nice and quiet forest.
After nine nights,
Shall to the son of Njord,
By Gerda,
Pleasure be given.

Then Skirnir rode homewards.
Freyr stood outside,
Spoke to him,
And asked him after the message:

41 Tell me Skirnir,
Before you take off the saddle,
Or take a step forward:
What have you done,
In the house of the giant,
To make you or me happy?


42 Barri there is,
That we both know well,
A beautifull and calm forest.
After nine nights,
Shall to the son of Njord,
By Gerda,
Pleasure be given.


43 Long is one night,
Longer are two,
How shall I persevere three?
Often has to me,
A month seemed shorter,
Then now a half night of desire.


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