Mimir and independant memory


The personal and individual memory didn’t exist yet. There was only the cosmic memory of the world, in which all the wisdom was kept. This cosmic memory of the world is according to the Edda kept in Mimir’s well. If you look back in the category of this post, you will see that Mimir’s well is already explained.

Odin sacrificed his eye to be able to drink from this well, so he gained access to this cosmic knowledge. Mimir means to mimer – to sing of old times, to tell the forgotten stories of times gone by… So by drinking of this well, Odin – as the archangel which is set to bring consciousness to man and the giver of a voice and founder of speech – becomes the runesinger – rune means secret… The singer of secrets, and he sings them into man.

Small pieces of these magical chants which resonate with ancient knowledge of the time before times when everything was still becoming. Our own memory exists of tiny pieces cosmic memory, and these pieces are small enough for us to overview and use consciously.

The sacrifice of the eye, give up the ability to see in order to become conscious and aware, to gain the ability to become more independent and think for yourself… The giving up on sight – the ability to see might very well be the third eye that closes down. It symbolizes the shift from cosmic awareness to individual awareness. We get closed off from the spiritual world in order to manifest in the material world. Instead of knowing creatures, all of the sudden we become discovering, exploring, developing and learning creatures. By being cut off from the collective, we get personal experiences, personal ideas and thus personal choices. So the connection with the gods starts to fade away – and slowly we start to turn from fluid lucid dreaming beings into more solid memory beings…


Since mimir is a giant, and all giants are connected to the solidness of the world – giants are the rulemakers, the laws of physics, the boundaries of the system – it is not strange that when we get pieces of giant wisdom integrated into our system that we get more solid and bound by rules as well… Besides that, we must not forget that Odin himself stems from a race of giants, so his will to guide us to independence and self-awareness is not strange.

What is strange however, is the reason why. But that is very clear in germanic mythology, and thru out shamanism as well: forces just do what they do. There are things, and things have their influence, they exist and literally do their thing. Like fire is hot, and water is wet, so everything has it’s function within the system. These little things like the elemetns etc. are called the dwarves… The dwarves are made of tiny chunks of giants… When the giants died and rotted, there were maggots eating from their flesh, those maggots became the dwarves… They are little pieces of cosmic knowledge of all that is measurable… They can be studied and teach us about the rules of the cosmos – they are the minerals, but also the medicines and the poisons, the heat, the cold and everything inbetween… They are the answer to the questions why things work as they do if you study them.

So learning how to work with your personal memory, to learn how to use your brain, and how to memorize by using sound and expression – that automatically gives you a certain responsibility – how are you going to shape yourself? What will you use your brain for? What do you want to discover and remember – and later on, what will you do with it, what will you express?

This book minly deals with the Aesir… the solid beings… They hardly mention the Vanir – the fertile beings. The Vanir are the vegative beings – the plant gods, the emotions and passions, the feelings, everything that comes before the solidness… That’s also how the Edda begins when it comes to the creation of man. The Aesir and Vanir go to battle – and the Vanir were much stronger older and wiser… They stem from that golden age – that place of cosmic intelligence, connectedness and wisdom… Plants still are in that golden state of awareness – the Vanir still exist – next to Asatru there’s also the much less familiar Vanatru…

freyja and freyr

So with this independent working brain that Odin gave us, and the speech he gave us, and the wisdom he made accessible – and the opportunity to still be able to connect to this ancient wisdom, and drink from the source and use the eye that’s still in the well if we drink from it… We can choose… We can choose to remember, or we can choose to forget. We have a very rich pantheon – and even multiple races, heroes and species, different family’s to put our focus on and to manifest within our lives…

Most people don’t use that freedom, they don’t use the options that they have. They choose to stay unaware, and pretend if nothing is there… Well if you look towards India, because in the end of the day we still are Indo-germanic people, with indo-germanic roots… You will see that they very clearly chose the way of the Vanir… Which is not so strange, since their origins are much earlier then ours… The Asatru warrior cults came with the discovery of metals – solidness became important when metals and rivalry and ownership came.. Personal posession and status, ego all those things…

The original idea of polytheism is that everything can exist next to eachother, and people have the understanding that different people have different traits. Some people prefer this way, others prefer that way, and within society this was very clearly in sync with what happened in mythology too… Different lives, different deities, different focus, different practice, but still part of the same system without too much judging, because everybody knows that every part has their function in the system. We know for example that if Loki didnt exist, we wouldnt have a free will, if Odin didnt exist we wouldnt have poetry, if Donar didnt exist the rains wouldnt come and winter wouldnt leave…

Golden awareness

So memory and the ability to think… It gives major freedom – I think it would be wise to seek the challenge and connect more to the cosmic part of ourselves. The idea that we find out for ourselves that we belong where we came from… That the experience itself should create personal understanding… Going thru the process of the evolution of mankind in a single lifetime simply by paying attention to the living world arround you. Seeing where we are, feeling connected to all that is, and understanding that the world did not change, the stories aren’t gone, the people are still here… Everything is still here, but we stopped listening, we stopped telling, we stopped seeing, we got lost in the obsession of making what we want… And have completely forgotten where those ideas came from – what inspired us, where do thoughts come from, what is it that drives us…. We tend to forget that the world continually surrounds us, nobody thinks about it’s influence anymore… We think we do it all by ourselves – those that hear, those that see, those that know… They won’t tell you, because they understand very well that it’s your evolutionary progress… You have to find it out yourself, it might even be the reason why you’re here… But even with that I’m careful, because just as many as there are gods, just as much and many more there are purposes for living… But there are plenty examples, plenty of opportunities to be able to see them and start living the inspired life you should be living… Nothing is right, nothing is wrong, just try to live up to your natural potential.


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Interested in germanic heathenry, lore, original fairy- and folktales, shamanism and lots of other related worldly stuff. I walk and cycle alot in nature, read, play various instruments etc.

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