Odin and the development of speech

odin hanging

The allfather Odin operates on the level of archangels, which means he is part of the spiritual beings which are occupied with the development of the soul of the human / the people. The spiritual beings of the third hierarchy (angels, archangels and archai) do not operate into the physical world, and therefor cannot create physical earth. The third hierarchy is more active in the area of the astral-body.

Odin is a “volksgeest / volkgeist / folkspirit” – this means he took the responsibility to form and guide a people with it’s own purpose and place within the development of mankind. Just like all the other peoples which had their own task and place in the evolution of the human species.

The task of Odin as archangel was to help his “oervolk” – ancient people / first tribe – once again the english language lacks words to describe these fundamental typical germanic aspects of northern european “urglauben”or “altglauben” – words to describe the ancient believes, the tribal and leader structures, and the essential feeling which is connected to these words…

The soul of a people, the manifestation of this spirit that is connected to the land, the language, the blood, the history – that which binds the people to their environment, nature and culture in it’s essence. Odin had taken the task to help with the development of a clear consciousness. He gave his people their language.


In later days this people started to spread and mixed with celtic tribes and the ancient people of Europe. From this mixing there came to be which we now call “the Germanic people” – Still I find “people” not covering enough for the word “volkeren” – so I’ll use the word tribes instead, but then the many germanic tribes, before they split up – like the Longobards, Frisians, Saxons, Vandals and Franks. So still very close at the same root… Maybe that’s a good way to describe it: Odin started the first root of the germanic tree.

All these different tribes (peoples) got their own folk-spirit, their own archangel which guided them and also worked on their evolution as a tribe / people. In the beginning all these new folk-spirits were led by the allfather Odin. So the main root Odin got little side branches and began to divide.


The Aesir (germanic gods) – Aesir is derived from As – the word for Axle, or the axis. This means that the Ase – or Ace (like in the cardgame) is the thing which things move arround to. There are more aces, which means more areas of development which have their own specific axle to move arround… Each specific area has it’s own leader / it’s own guide, own helper / protector, it’s own teachings and aspects.

chakra spirit tree

All these gods – the Aesir are working together to bring the people to awareness and self-consciousness. You could also say that the gods prepare the humans to become the carrier of the self… Ygg-dra-sil – Ich/ik – dra/dragen/tragen/sil – Ikdrager, Ichtrager, Iwearer, wearer of the self, carrier of I – of that which I am… The human body represented as a tree with spinning wheels in it which correspond to personal qualities, aspects and traits… These Aesir could be seen as chakra’s within the body, this tree could be seen as the Kaballah tree. I know nothing about jewish and/or indian mysticism, all I see is images in my head and clear associations. And of course as within, so without, as above so below.. So these forces can be observed in the nature that surrounds us, it can be found in the skies above us, in the minerals below us and in the organs inside us… We are connected to everything, we are part of everything and everything is a part of us.


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Interested in germanic heathenry, lore, original fairy- and folktales, shamanism and lots of other related worldly stuff. I walk and cycle alot in nature, read, play various instruments etc.

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