Yggdrasil explored: Mimir’s Well


Yggdrasil has 3 roots, a stem and a crown. The roots keep the tree standing, so the roots form the basics for the becoming of human or “the carrier of I”- the vessel of the self. That’s why it’s important to take a closer look at these roots. Each root leads to it’s own spring.

Mimir’s Well

The second root of Yggdrasil leads to Mimir’s Well. This root lies Jotunheim (home of the Giants). In this well cosmic knowledge and wisdom lie hidden. This land of giants is connected to the area of our inner willpower. In this area are our unaware driving forces situated, which will find their expression through hour muscles. When a baby is born, and wants to start exploring it’s world, it will have to move. So in that way the development of the will is connected to the muscular development.

laws of nature boundaries

The will to grow and develop is a natural force filled with cosmic wisdom, and can be seen all throughout nature. It is the source of nature forces witin us, and also holds the memory of the “how, why and cause” of these forces. Reflexes and muscle memory, the unaware motions like walking towards a goal are all part of this area. It are the inner driving forces within us, which know exactly where and when to go, and that will lead our path to whatever way the will sets it’s course.

Mimir is a giant. His name is derived from muser, daydreamer, but also memory and memoire. Mimir is mimering, I don’t know if it’s a word in the English language, but in Dutch mijmeren means looking back to the days of old and softly repeating and talking of all the good old things that have gone. You can sit and mimer about a lost love for example. The memory and images are still very clear, and you feel the lost – but since you still have the images, the feelings, maybe even the smells, basically all the memory of your senses (the natural forces within man) – it is still useful and practical, can be worked with, and thus real!


That is what mimir’s well is about: It’s a well of infinite depth that holds all the memory of the world, all the thoughts, all the experiences. Mimir is extremely wise, because he drinks from his well. All the giants represent the natural forces. The giants are the boundary setters, they make the rules. The giants basically are the mountains: They determine the conditions, they are the laws of physics. They give everything it’s living and operation space. You can start from this point, and go to that point – All natural laws are controlled by the giants.

starseed incarnation

This book which I read and write about is about how the gods and other forces worked together to create us as we are: The becoming of man – basically a materialization of a spiritual idea. Small containers of mini cosmic wisdom and knowledge. Most likely little universes put into flesh. So Odin (Allfater) in this case wanted to have access to this well. It’s where he sacrificed his eye so he could drink from the well. Heimdall also wanted access, so he offered an ear. The ear and eye are dumped into the well, in return for a sip of this cosmic memory. Because of this, Mimir can now see and hear everything… So he does not only rule over the past, but he also keeps replenishing it constantly with knowledge of the present!


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Interested in germanic heathenry, lore, original fairy- and folktales, shamanism and lots of other related worldly stuff. I walk and cycle alot in nature, read, play various instruments etc.

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