Member of Experimental Archaeology at the local Prehistory museum


Since two weeks ago, I am an official member of the dutch prehistory museum which is specialised in the Dutch dolmens and the Funnelbeaker culture (aka Trechterbeker / TRB ) which took place in the neolithicum.

The dutch word for dolmen is Hunebed.

My place in the team is going to be the music division. So I’m gonna do the drumcircles, drum building, whistle making, mouthbows, clapsticks, rattles and much more of those type of instruments.

I’m also currently working on the fencing with willowbranches and making paths and stuff. There is one longhouse standing – a neolithic farmouse, and there are two farms going to be added, one of the bronze age and one of the iron-age.

I want to really discover and learn how to properly build the drums and whistles and many other instruments, like horns, etc – and use them on the spot. So imagine me sitting in front of the farmhouse, building a drum, playing a whistle, having a full drumcircle or giving workshops in whistle / drum building.

So now the task for me is to collect as many info as possible and look into alot of different cultures in what techniques they used, but also what type of rhythm with what kind of occasion and which are the essential elements for the specific times.

I’m thinking about harvest rhythms / song sand dances, hunt, birth, sowing, equinoxes etc etc.

I dont want to just use general rhythms and beat some drums and make noise – I want some cultural awareness interwoven with it, so that people can try to understand that music / rhythm is not meant as simply entertainment – it is a powerful way to unite a community, to come together and sound together with equal intent – and thereby not only strenghten the bonds, but also set the same focus and awareness – to have everyone involved in their unique way.

It does not matter if visitors are skilled drummers or not – because I plan to make it all polyrhythmic and dynamic – So each and every individual can find it’s personal spot and  thereby has it’s own place within the circle, the rhythm, the group, the community, the universe ;)…

Luckily there are already some experienced craftpeople there: leatherworkers, boneworkers, smith’s etc. So they can help me as well about learning about the best materials i can use and why, and also teach me new techniques etc, like I want to also learn how to basketweave, and how to make flint tools etc.

So everything I like, and want to learn, and want to teach/show – is available there! It’s a very inspiring and motivating surrounding, it really makes me want to explore more and keep on learning and developing skills. It tickles my creativity and passion. And I hope that I find a way to put all these ideas to practice – But I think that in this stimulating and enthusiastic team they will help me to realise my dreams!

If you read this, and have ideas as well about what to make and how to do it etc. – just give a reply! I just have tons of ideas and possibilities, but I never build an instrument – I’ve seen how it’s done and I can look up alot of things haha, but now I’m at the start of actually start doing it. So wish me luck hahaha… On this new adventure!


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Interested in germanic heathenry, lore, original fairy- and folktales, shamanism and lots of other related worldly stuff. I walk and cycle alot in nature, read, play various instruments etc.

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