Rune Transformation from Isa to Laguz

transformation from isa to laguz – images fly thru my body and mind since 2 days – the stick, being stuck, being full between the head and the belly button – not able to get that energy out. A situation that has to be accepted, isa is also from the ice, the thurs – natural laws of the universe we cannot control.

This mirrors in my life the situation of having no direct control to get a job or not. I am forced to accept the situation, and there seems no way out by the way of the brain. Normally if you encounter a problem, you can directly approach it, by confronting and change something in the mechanic of the situation. Here I can’t do that.

The Image of Isa the | is in my situation like a full vessle. An overcharged battery that only gets charged and has no release, because it cannot reach the ground and cannot leave upwards. This is where the sidebranch comes in. Like a lightning rod  use the hanging part of Laguz. It refers to if you cannot get up, and you cannot go down, you can go sideways. It is the non-confrontal approach. Like poking a hole on the side of a wine-vessle you create a pressure-release.

This sidebranch is a complete different activity that has nothing to do with the conflict situation. It is not a solution to the problem itself, it is a solution to the pressure it gives. Basically you start transforming ice (Isa) into water (Laguz) by adding love (Ansuz) into the equasion.

If you look at Ansuz indeed – you see that Isa grabs into the soil with both arms – Ansuz is also the ancestor, the ancestral grounds, which refers to the very root of our own being. The qualities we have inherited, automatically get our deepest affection, so in that we can also find our self-love.

So that is what I have to do right now – to not give in to the icy rigid stiffness of isa, to not fight the frost giants with force – because that’s a battle I will loose and then depression is fact. I need to do things that are fun and I like, I need to get rid of that feeling of shame and trappedness. I need to create room and release pressure. I have to do that thru love, personal passion and ambition, by doing the things I value. Investing in social activities, instead of hiding and crawling away and being and having emotions of injustice – I need to loosen up, talk to people, play my music, enjoy my moments.

So that is what I shall do – practice honesty in a positive way. Learn to walk up straight and become aware that I am more then just the job I do. People can value me on other things – and most most likely do.

I can adapt and accept if there is more then just that one situation, because there is something else to look forward to. A prospect. I want to start fitnessing and already started drumming. I need to create ways to see the broader horizon, the world is so big, so many things to choose – but yes, when isa overcomes you that gets your focus in an instance – simply because it’s always overnight and drastic.  It fits very nice in the wheel of the year – in the week of samhuin / samhain – which literally means the time of the first frost.

Luckily  I’m sensitive and expressive enough to notice what’s happening. Even expressing it already brings in that movement that is SO important when dealing with Isa. Ice is still – expression creates movement, literally meaning pushing out.  So yes, I am quite happy with my images and feelings that hoovered my subconscious – they are now conscious and manifested.

First things first, small steps – which means that next thursday I promise myself to go to the fitness-studio. Monday Helga comes home from Edinburgh Scotland – Tuesday or wednesday there’s drumming with Christy – wednesday i eating with mother in law – So thurdays is the first available day. If anything of the other plans changes, I go to the fitness on the first available day. Using energy to create energy. The importance to keep your system flowing 🙂 – Panta Rhei


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Interested in germanic heathenry, lore, original fairy- and folktales, shamanism and lots of other related worldly stuff. I walk and cycle alot in nature, read, play various instruments etc.

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