Indiculus superstitionum et paganiarum

Because this little Index almost certain has been prepared by Anglo-Saxon missionaries in Utrecht (Netherlands) the listed misuses not specific Frankish but also Saxon and Frisian.

Nodfyr - a concept known in all cultures

Customs that the church qualified as heathen and sinful and had to be contested were:

– the blaspheme by graves

– the blaspheme  with relations to the dead (dadisidas / valgaldr)

– rituals in februari that were “filth”

– the having of huts and small houses for the gods

– the blaspheme in churches

– the blaspheme in the woods (nimidas / sacred groves)

– that what is being done on stones

– the having of sanctuaries in the churches

– sanctuaries for Wodan and Donar

– the bringing of offerings to the holy ones

– the having of amulets and bindings

– the bringing of offerings to springs

– The use of magicspells, the predicting by birds, horses, cowdung and sneezing

– the trust in soothsayers or fate-holders

– the rubbing of fire, the socalled “nodfyr” from wood

– the use of animalbrains for predictions

– the interpret of flames as signs

– the having of holy places

– heathen worship of Maria

– feasts for Wodan and Donar

– the soothsaying from lunar eclipse (vinceluna)

– the evoking of storm and the use of horns and beakers

– the digging of ditches arround the villag to ward off the spirits

– the ritual walking in torn duds and shoes (yrias)

– worship the dead lover as holy

– making godstatues from dough or duds

– the carrying of godstatues  through the fields

– the offering of wooden feet and hands

– the reading of the moon by women


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