Djembe workshops in Nederland

Need a workshop somewhere in the Netherlands? Djembe, didgeridoo, dunun, frame drums, shamandrums, hangdrums, jaw harps, whistles, you name it we bring it – You can book us – that’s Sjpielsewolf Wotanson and Christy Von Beansprout – for your own little party, school activity, social/care facility or any other event you can think of!
Nope, we don’t plan to get rich, so we are pretty cheap to order :-D.

If you think you might like the idea, just contact Sjpielsewolf Wotanson or Christy Von Beansprout directly via facebook and talk about your plans – We are more then happy to help you!


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Interested in germanic heathenry, lore, original fairy- and folktales, shamanism and lots of other related worldly stuff. I walk and cycle alot in nature, read, play various instruments etc.

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