Obligated to write

I feel that I must post onhere as well… I haven’t written anything in a while on this site. Most likely thath as to do with that facebook posts way easier. The downside of facebook is that I do not reach as big a crowd I might want – So maybe I can summarize my adventures..

I’ve been walking, cycling, working, I joined communities and left them. I’ve been reading and dreaming about alchemy, runes, been twirling with social positions, hierarchy’s, my place in the world, local pride, language, dialects, customs and homegrown culture. Also the changing of the season, the link between ancestors and stone, the hörgr and the dolmen, migration and the various perceptions thereon. There have been so many things that crossed my mind, a lot of themgot my time, and some of them still hang arround me, waiting to be done.

I want to structure, shape, and at the same time let it organically grow, form and let become. I still hope by honest expression  and collecting my loves and likes and giving air to my dislikes, I keep building on what I am, and shape who I am becoming.This sculpting of the future, the awareness of where we were, are and are going is very important. To make honest choices – to be clear – this is the time of the spider and it’s web – This is the time with bright blue skies, but also rough storms – This is the season I love, and many others dislike. I love the confrontation, I love getting rid of old things I do not use, I love to keep on what is won over the year…. Making choices to me is very easy – black and white like the magpie – No riddle what is good for me.

This is good for me…

If you think it might be good for you as well, just drop by occasionally 🙂 IF too little for your likes is happening here, check my facebook there you can find plenty of the mentioned above. I will write here more often as well… I have plenty of projects of which none is ever finished haha.. It’s not that I have to seek topics or subject, haha I just have a hard time keeping it a bit structured to keep it going. But yes, even in spontanianity, eventually all that has to be mentioned, WILL be mentioned…. Life is good 🙂


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Interested in germanic heathenry, lore, original fairy- and folktales, shamanism and lots of other related worldly stuff. I walk and cycle alot in nature, read, play various instruments etc.

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