Making of a Planet

I don’t get it… There is space, there are rocks in space flying around, and they decide to pull towards each other by gravity.

Small question: where did those rocks come from? Yes I know, I’m not really smart, but nice to let rocks fall and fly, some with fire others without it.

Well these rocks fly, bump into each other, and all of the sudden it becomes a big ball. A big ball of fire. Not even thinking about what exactly it is that is used as fuel.

Then all of the sudden there are rocks falling from space that contain minerals. A lot of those rocks contain salt. This salt contains water, that water will form our oceans, and let the fireball cool off.

Again, these rocks and these minerals must come from somewhere. And a whole lot of salty rocks must have struck earth to cause that much water.

But okay, now we have turned the world of fire into the world of water. More rocks from space – however they got into space – containing minerals and chemicals keep falling in the water. And as by magic these chemicals form the first life…. Again by stones falling from the sky, nobody wondering where they came from.

We all know how it goes from there: photosynthesis, oxygen, co2 etc.

Yes – funny how everything gets brought back to flying stones in space that have things on them. That is what we call science :-D. I find it a bit weird, but yes, I am not really smart and so on. But if I want to know how the planet was formed – I kind of mean how the FIRST rock was made. Where did those minerals come from? Why is it so logical that there is fire in space when it’s so very cold? I too want to put minerals into a jar of water and magically create a one-celled bacteria like an amoebe, and let it create proto plankton etc.

What do I need? Which minerals and chemicals do I have to put together to create life? Put it in a jar, shake 3 times and wait. It’s weird and bizarre. But I like that, the feeling of simply not knowing or understanding certain things.

I like it that we simply can answer: stones from space on every question from now on haha. Where do we come from? Stones from space! Where did the oceans come from? Stones from space! But it’s not so weird, since we are living… on a stone in space… From spacedust we came, and spacedust we will become again haha – Space is not my thing. I rather see trees when looking up instead of stars.


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Interested in germanic heathenry, lore, original fairy- and folktales, shamanism and lots of other related worldly stuff. I walk and cycle alot in nature, read, play various instruments etc.

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