Helga Bijl Expressionist Paintings for sale : Silkscreen monoprint 50×50 cm

These paintings are images of Drenthe around 1900 which I found in books and old postcards. In my art I connect the robust local dialect with the images by weaving them together and letting them interact.

I make a lot of gouaches, which are pre-studies for the silkscreen mono-prints. I use the colors of the landscape that surrounds me, which I display more intense. After making a selection of the gouaches, I can start with the silkscreen mono-printing.

Before I start painting on the silkscreen, I put my pre-study underneath it, so that I have a guideline to paint. The painting itself has to happen fast because of the fast drying of the acrylic paint. These acrylics are being mixed with a medium that slows down the drying-time.

I mainly print on different sorts of paper. After having finished a print, I have to clean the entire silkscreen before I can make a new monoprint.

If you are interested in purchasing my work, or have any questions regarding them you can contact me via my facebook.

With kind regards,
Helga Bijl


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Interested in germanic heathenry, lore, original fairy- and folktales, shamanism and lots of other related worldly stuff. I walk and cycle alot in nature, read, play various instruments etc.

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