Nils Holgersson illustrations by Helga Bijl

Im an Dutch Illustrator/artist who ussally paint on silkscreen with acrylic in an expressionism style.
Besides that I make ballpoint drawings of imaginary creatures/ beings etc.
I was very atracted to this competition, and emediatly started to draw. (just  heard of this competition 3 days ago)
my fist drawing is about how Nils sits on the gooze Maarten who takes of to fly away (to his freedom) with the wild goozes.
The second  drawing is where Nils meets Smirre the fox…
Hope You will take the time and effort to take a look at the illustrations.
with kind regards,



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Interested in germanic heathenry, lore, original fairy- and folktales, shamanism and lots of other related worldly stuff. I walk and cycle alot in nature, read, play various instruments etc.

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