The European versus the Non European

People are equal of value, but not equal. “La forme entière de lhumaine condition” – The complete form of the human condition. This equality is more a demand, an ideal, then a reality.

Equal are people absolutely not. Every human is individual untill his fingertops: literally, the police still recognizes each and every person by a unmistakeable sign.

Partially common shared characteristics are based upon race- or biological features, but mostly they are depending on a shared historical destiny, an own culture, own language and religion, in short a commonly for centuries shared society.

In this way the Dutch have their own nature as well: A couple of characteristics that differ him alot from an asian or african, and less, but still clearly differ from a south- or middle european.


Behold a clear difference between  the psychological difference the Dutch and the Japanese. A Dutch professor in Japan wrote in his Asian Diary a couple of years ago:

What is the reason why accuracy barely exists outside of the West? Why are people so negligent in entire Asia? And even in Japan which seems so close to the Western world.

“A pedestrian fell in the dark thru a hole in a bridge and drowned. When the police was dredging for the body, a person riding a bicycle fell thru the same hole.

Another example:

The number of people dying in japan by gas asphyxiation is very high. More then two years ago about eleven gas asphyxiations occured with the Americans in the Yokohama-Tokyo area. The warnings on the radio of the Americans that were played three times a day, did shrink the numbers somewhat.

How did it happen to the americans? Well, very simple. They sleep in a Japanese hotel, it’s cold, the gas heater is onthe entire day. But after 12 at night the heater isn’t burning anymore, because the main valve of the hotel gets closed, without the valves of the heaters in the seperate rooms being closed. So if the guests go to bed beyond 12:30, they don’t think about closing the gas valve in their room, because there is nothing burning. The next morning at 6am or sometimes earlier, the manager opens the main valve again and the G.I’s, that are sleeping, of course die of suffocation.

When confronted the Japanese with my dismay, they answered very laconically: Oh, here in Nagoya allone, atleast 50 Japanese die of suffocation.” They probably didn’t even see the terribleness of the matter.

Again: How is this possible?

One could say that this kind of negligence comes from an Eastern or Asian lack of respect for the individual life. In the West, this is unheared of.

Our culture is more then we self realise build upon carefulnes: a loving taking in to account of things and people up to the smallest details. That might be one of the reasons why that Western culture gets so hard assimilated in Asia, Afrika and South America.

In Central-Africa there were 50 tractors distributed out of precautions to a agricultural cooperative. After a year there were two in a usable state.

Same is found in Middle and South America. Busses that arrived brand new in Mexico city, looked after 3 months as if they had been intensively used in a war.

This difference in carefulness and orderliness is essential and so there are many other differences between the European and Non European, or more in general between a European culture-pattern raised and others.


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Interested in germanic heathenry, lore, original fairy- and folktales, shamanism and lots of other related worldly stuff. I walk and cycle alot in nature, read, play various instruments etc.

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