Faeries, forests and quality time



Relaxation and enjoying the family in our life means spending time together in environments we love. The image above is clickable, and will lead to pictures of last week, all made by me. We visited WonderWereld (WonderWorld), and it kind of represents what we stand for nicely.

We are very free in perceiving our surroundings, in the sense that we all can enjoy nature quite intensely on a personal level. I find it quite important to feed and amplify the impulses we receive from nature. Our natural input is quite large since we live right next to a forest and in an area that is quite famous for it’s folklore and old culture.

Especially for me lately the connection with the natural plant spirits is quite present. In times like these when I am more aware of my natural surrounding and the contact with it is more intense, I feel like I have to give them active credit. I do this by openly mention and share them like I do now, but also acknowledge their existence by visiting them in their own habitat.
To me those places are in the sacred landscape. This is mostly near the gravehills (tumuli) and dolmens, but also in groundwater rich areas. The link between ancestors, elves, stones and places of power kind of interweaves with eachother. Each season has it’s own features, and I think that each person has it’s own natural cycle.

This to me is the moment to express, to manifest, to relate and share. Some look at calendars, others at temperature, to me it is what crosses my path. Like right now to me it’s the season where the common babyfrogs leave the water, where the first blackberries ripen, where the bonfires start and the need to pick up the djembe and drum together grows. The time of drinking, being social and enjoying the ripeness and at the sametime complain about the sunnydays being too hot.

I like to visit places where people gave expression to the same inspiration that hits me daily. I love in this time of year to see kindred spirits. WonderWorld as well as GnomeLand (Kabouterland) give that to me.

Also crafts are pulling on me to get my attention. I tried nalbinding (viking knitting style) – but thread isn’t my thing. This is also for me the season to discover something new. My circle is round, I’m ripe, in my strength, feeling the fire with the passion to connect and start new connections so they have time to grow again.

Sometimes I try to give expression to things that don’t need so many words when they are spoken in the right crowd. Still,  it fits my nature to rant every now and then. The shiny stones in the pictures are new artworks that are placed there this year. They reflect the present in the ancient, and show that we haven’t changed all that much over those 5000 years.

In the same line of the shiny stones, a few hundred metres to the side are 3 dolmens, a few hundred metres to the otherside there are tumuli. This connects the neolithicum to the iron age to the modern time. This is the sacred connection to the land, that still inspires us and many others daily.

I will stop my rant – I think that even if I would go to the kitchen to grab another beer that Helga would say it’s time to go to bed. So yes, I’m aware this isn’t the most informative post, but atleast it’s personal. I read today that we Northerners are more idealistic and romantic then the more realistic Southerners. The book on some points sketches quite extreme situations, but I can’t say they aren’t true.

Oh well, try to look at this with a more magical eye, that sees it’s surroundings thru a more vivid perspective – Let your creative imagination fill in the blanks instead of the cold rationality. Try to feel the impressions nature can make on natural beings like ourselves, and combine that with the sense of maintaining good relationships and even open communication. Then you might understand that I am having a wonderfull time right now – surrounded by my ancestors, inspired by the elves, fed by the plants and guided by the spirits.

And yes, really the idea was just to share the pictures, make a short post, and mention that it’s handier to let Helga upload the pictures to her facebook, instead of me having to do the picking… Haha, what a bit of beer can do to a man…


Good night 🙂


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Interested in germanic heathenry, lore, original fairy- and folktales, shamanism and lots of other related worldly stuff. I walk and cycle alot in nature, read, play various instruments etc.

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