Are Atoms alive or not?

I was reading in my twitter, following a discussion as it appeared on my phone between “natural philosopher” and “particle animism” about living atoms.

I must admit I didnt look long, or deep,because I’m much more intuitive, and immediately have my own images springing from my head. I tried to enter the discussion, but twitter seems a bit too hectic for me to follow a discussion and respond in the right way to the right people, and that fit within 180 characters with the right hashtag included.
Besides that, I dont feel like running, so I hide behind writing haha.

Anyway, on a certain point I read this: If you were an atom, you would see everything the same, only differentiated by combinations of living atoms.

Well I instantly placed myself into an atom, and right away knew that that was wrong.
If I were an atom, I would not only see other atoms, just as I am human and dont only see humans.
If you are an atom, you understand that as an atom, again you are the center of your universe, so there are things bigger and smaller then you are. And these things are made of things that make it very clear that they aren’t you.

It goes much further – The tree is a tree, but it has leaves as well, the leaf knows it isn’t the tree, but the tree knows that the leaf is part of him.

It goes further…

A stone, a stone doesn’t walk, it doesn’t breath, still to me a stone is alive.
To me a stone exchanges information, it responds, and by responding it transforms that what surrounds it. A stone therefor has influence. A stone can’t walk away, but a tree can’t either, yet a tree is alive.

You could say a stone doesn’t grow, But ofcourse stones dont just fall from the sky, ofcourse they grew, and part of their growing process is shrinking and turning to sand, and maybe even become soil.

But still I understand the reasoning of “living atoms” – We are alive, we are made of atoms – let’s assume it becausethat was the theory he based the statement on, so these atoms must be alive.

The question is: “what is living, and what is not?”

To me, everything is living, because everything is open for some form of communication in the form that it can be manipulated in a way it changes.  But I see it more in the way of spirit, elemental basic forces. But still this is something.
Besides, the thought keeps running: all material is somehow deposited by something else – it’s made of stuff that died, or got soemhow pooped out as any by product, which means it has had interaction with something living.

Things have to come from somewhere, if it’s not alive it’s dead, if it’s dead it still holds the memory of living, if it has has the memory, it still has the glow or force in it.

The entire universe as an organism, we have gall-stones, kidneystones, nails, hair, we shit, we ejaculate, we are massproducers of living things, inbetween things, and dead things, and are a major laboratory for new versions of life to come into existance simply by exposing ourselves to other things – other carriers of their own universes – which can be people, plants, stones, a piece of carpet, anything.

These collisions of universes – multiversums are what make living things alive, and are what makes that things keep moving, evolving, ever changing, weaving, creating new memories and qualities and occasionally even new elementals. Everything carries it’s own universe in its atoms as a memory that is stored in its atoms, neutrinos, and all those fine little energies it every encountered. All is open for communication and interaction, so All is living and alive, even that what we call dead or unliving or soulless…

Welcome to the living world, where EVERYTHING participates and has it’s function, role and meaning, purpose and lesson.


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Interested in germanic heathenry, lore, original fairy- and folktales, shamanism and lots of other related worldly stuff. I walk and cycle alot in nature, read, play various instruments etc.

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