What if plants had eyes?

Plants, trees, bushes, grasses, they are all arround us. Everywhere are plants, some of us are more aware of their presence then others. I believe that everything has got a spirit and a consciousness of sorts.

Sometimes I find myself having moments where I am quite aware of their presence, and their presence gives comfort, support, nourishment, inspiration, trust.  Often as well it seems easier to devote these sort of feelings to faeries or elves or other elemental beings that represent a certain area, plant or energy.

I try to live in honest and open relationship with my surrounding, that also means that if I like a tree I indeed thank the tree – instead of a god/spirit/being that often is related to that specific tree.

We should be thankful for the things that are, and be aware of our surroundings. Giving the plants eyes, makes us aware that they are there. Giving  our plants eyes, amplifies their presence, their protection, nourishment, it gives a feeling of safety and control. I love the feeling that we are continuously under the eyes of the spirits, because it means that we are still allways close and related, under the influence of their subtile energies.

Therefor I literally gave them eyes. It is playing with the living world arround us, I think direct interaction and maintaining good relations with your direct surroundings is one of the basics of being your natural self. in tune and at tune, filling in your tone in the musical harmony.

I never intended to write a big piece of text to this little project – but it might need some explanation. I must say, in my mind the images are stronger, clearer and more powerful – partly that is ofcourse allways because this is a translation of an inner vision. It is the intention, the mention, the expression that will give my vision the seed to grow, and gain in strength as the wire thickens. Expression is very important, we should do it more often, then the images and texts will come out more fluent – just like a musical piece on an instrument like the flute gets better everytime we play it again. That is why we call it a practice, we never stop developing, every action we progress and we made a choice in what direction. Where it leads, doesn’t matter, for now it is the world of the faes, elves and plants that call my attention and to their honour this action is made. So hereby I also thank their presence of those that inspired my work, dream, thought and action, and those that gave me strength by offering me their leaves and knowledge.



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Interested in germanic heathenry, lore, original fairy- and folktales, shamanism and lots of other related worldly stuff. I walk and cycle alot in nature, read, play various instruments etc.

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