Creation and explanation of the dwarves

Ha finally, there we are, it really sucks when you feel like writing and your laptop is taking ages to launch. In the meantime I have managed to find my book, and a pencil. This time a purple instead of grey one, but what the heck, it’s my book, I paid for it, so it’s okay to mess it up with coloured pencils.

I must say, translating and taking the core essences out of it, is much more fun then actually reading it. It’s sometimes quite a struggle, but the reward of deeper understanding seems to appealing to me to simply “give up”. Resistance is a good thing, it means something is being attacked, so it can expand.

The dwarves

Well the dwarves ofcourse had to be created as well. Why do we need dwarves? The answer is simple: the cosmic wisdom was too big for man to comprehend, and thus they had to divide it into pieces. With Ymir (the giant) as the body of the cosmos – basically the personification of everything that is in the physical plane. The other plains are much older.

So the gods killed Ymir, in order for having a solid steady ground. And in this ground (the flesh from Ymir) – The dwarves were created as maggots. Which makes perfect sense, if you realise that Ymir IS the cosmos, and they need to divide his knowledge to beings that live on his flesh.  I needed to explain that very shortly before proceeding,  because again it has to do with a certain perception, a way of perceiving the world that might be new or very different from what we are used to. Imagining , be able to replace yourself in a total different setting to immerse yourself into something that might be not yours is quite handy. I hope that I can transfer my images well enough so that others can catch a glimpse of what is happening. Time will tell 🙂

A little piece of Eddic poetry, from 3 sources on the stanzas that deal about the creation of the dwarves:


From the blood of Bruis (“bruis” is like the rushing sound the waves make when they hit the shore), Out of the bones of Blue (sky)

De Vries:

From Brimirs blood and Bláins thighs


From Shore’s blood and Blue-in’s legs

A little explanation: De Vries is the official Dutch translator of the Edda. His translation is the one most commonly used in the Netherlands. Otten did a do-over, to renew the language that would fit our time better and translated things more literally, didn’t care so very much to preserve the rhythmic typical stanzic poetic style – He wanted to make it more accessible.

Sweers, I don’t really know him, but as it seems he uses a more holistic/antroposophic style.

So what is the meaning of these images, what do they hold?

We must realise that the dwarves belong to the elemental beings of our earth. They live in a world that borders directly to our physical world. That is called “the etherworld”. This etherworld that surrounds the entire earth, stretches from the earth, to the blue of our sky.

The blue of the sky is it’s limitation.

This etherworld is Blaìn or Blue-in, that let’s herself be “fruited” by the sun, here expressed as the Bruisende – means Vibrant force of the red sun (blood). I have difficulties with translating it like this, simply because to me all the choices of words in the above refer to Brimir as connected to the ocean/sea instead of the sun.

If I may be so free, and I may, because I’m the one writing this, I see Brimir as a combination of sea and sun. Brimir in all ways describes movement and life force. So therefore he is emotion. The sun is fire, ocean is water. To me both are flowing, eventho they seem opposites in the general sense, they are of the same kind. They both feed, so they both give character. But let’s continue haha..

The entire plantworld directs her reproductive organ (flower) to this sun. So there is an etherworld (world of life and shaping-powers) where the spirit of the sun shines upon, which refers to giving it cosmic wisdom. So the by cosmic wisdom fertilised etherworld is necessary to form the dwarves.

Small interpretation again – This part has nothing to do with the Edda, this is the author’s own anthroposophist theory, apparently fed by the hand of mr. Sweers lol, but I clearly object. I’m not saying it would be untrue, but this vision doesn’t fit what the story tells.

Let me try to explain the images  that get summoned when reading the stanzas when it says:

From the blood of Bruis and the bones of Blue – and also the : from Brandings (Surf’s) blood and from Blueins legs

Well the legs or bones of Blue: Blue is the sky, the skull of Ymir – the Legs or Bones of Blue are the four pillars: the 4 dwarves holding up the sky: Ostri, Sudri, Westri and Nordi (east, south, west and north are derived from it)

And remember: the initial question was: From what should we create the dwarves?

So we figured one part: from the 4 dwarves holding up the sky AND from the blood of “Surf”, or Bruis (the sound of rushing water)-

So basically: the dwarves are made from 4 dwarves mixed with the element water.

Which isn’t so very strange, because my image continues lol.

These for dwarves stand there, indeed spanning the entire etherworld – from earth to the sky. The head is the source of wisdom, wisdom of all things, because it’s Ymir’s head ofcourse, and he has the knowledge about his body and existance.  So his knowledge streams down via those dwarves into the ocean. The oceans ARE Ymirs blood if Im not mistaken.. And in Ymirs blood also all the frost giants drowned.  –  So ofcourse, that water plays a big part, it hold’s the complete history/knowledge/wisdom of all things.

The dwarves spring from his rotting  flesh as maggots do out of rotting meat. They are a mixture  of the physicalness (his body) and the wisdom – his blood. They eat his flesh, but indeed, the warmth of the sun created the condition for the transformation process to start.

So the dwarves basically indeed are smaller packages of  separated or divided cosmic knowledge – They eat small pieces. That is why they represent old hidden wisdom. Their existence has nothing to do with flowers raising up haha. I hope I made that clear now, and managed to put the image in your head, of a rotting bloody big dead animal, that lives on in other beings, and also the importance of blood. Okay, let’s move on, I’m on a time schedule LoL…

Elementals, or elemental creatures, get formed by cut off parts of spiritual beings. That means that the sense of time made them abundant, and they became sort of a waste-product. However, these waste-products, things that didn’t have any use for that time – got kicked out of the awareness, they became loose beings of themselves. These we call elementals, they are reshaped as usable beings. It is kind of stashing something in a box, organised on subject, and when you have everything organised and stacked in the right box, you simply give it legs and a head, or whatever shape you prefer. In that way it becomes a living thing, that can be addressed. Because they are more simple – because they don’t have to think, they only KNOW – as little knowledge containers, they also live on very specific identifiable habitats. Think places with lots of stone, or foresty regions etc. All very typical sorts of places where very typical sorts of knowledge/entities can be addressed.

There are many, and in all shapes and sizes with very different purposes. The book says u might as well call them the invisible workers of the earth. I think everyone that is interested in my writings, also is familiar with fairy tales, so it shouldn’t be so hard to find examples. Just scrape off the disney aspect, turn it into a lot more natural muddy colours lol and you’re half way :-D.

So in short, dwarves are the carriers of individualised cosmic knowledge, and it is their task to guide us (mankind) into it’s development. They feed us the small pieces of cosmic knowledge, that they can show to us in small steps.

There, that was fun – Now you know what dwarves are, according to the germanic perspective ofcourse. Things can be perceived in many many ways. It doesn’t really matter how you choose to mirror things, I think it should matter however that you become aware of seeing that the world arround you might try to teach you something. How or what, doesn’t matter.. In that sense, I am kind of like a dwarf. I like to share my vision that indeed sometimes echo’s like a memory, and carry the secret hope that my words and images can add and transform a tiny bit within the reader.

I’m 10 minutes later then I planned haha, and this topic became much longer then it is in the book haha – so much for summarising, it is becoming writing.  I hope you liked it, and if you do, leave a comment, if it were only that I know you were here. Yes, I do like validation 😛


Kind regards,



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