Ymir and audhumla – Ice and fire becoming one

2.3.2 Ymir and Audhumla

Muspelheim had already begun to exist. Everything is hot and burning there, like flowing magma. Surtr guards the entrance to this area with his burning sword. That’s why this world isn’t really explored much, and thus we don’t know much about it’s map. It’s the area of the warmth in man, the sparks and hot glow (the warm life forces) could act against the stiffening and becoming of ice of the cold pole.

Muspelheim isn’t hard and stiff at all. Everything is flowing and in movement, an area filled with life-processes. When these two met, something new was formed. The ripe (soft ice) started to melt by the forces of the sparks and life existed. This life took two forms.

First was Ymir – which means: that what is potentially present. Later on he also gets named Aur-gelmir = oer-galmer = ancient sounder/echoer. This Ymir is connected to all forces on Earth. From him the Frost Giants come to existance, which are ice cold in nature.

Macrocosmic these frostgiants are the forces that work on the earth, such as: gravity, temperature, magnetism, electricity, forces of water and wind etc. They are connected to the forces and laws of our earth.

Microcosmic we can see the first thinking processes in Ymir, that are set to movement by the collaboration of the cold and warm pole.

Ymir feeds itself with the milk of the cow Audhumla (the hornless plenty) – difficult to translate, but it means the milk never runs out. She has no hard or stiff parts, which means she stems from muspelheim,  representing the nourishing (with life force) and new heart. Ymir represents the Niflheim, the cold and rigid stiff thinking head. In image you can visualise an animal body, with a human head, as known in any type of mythology to represent the two forces combined, working together as one being.

Whilst Ymir drinks her milk, Audhumla licks the salty ripe (soft icy snow like) blocks. These blocks she is licking are the parts of those 12 streams of the brain nerve-system as mentioned in the previous post, and thus she stimulates new parts of the brain. This stimulating makes way for the existance for the awareness of the spiritual.

This process gets described precisely: “The first day that she licked the blocks, in the evening the hair of a man started to appear. The next day his head, and the third day the man was completely there. He is called Buri. He looked well and was big and mighty.”

With Buri began the process of awareness in man. It goes on step by step. His son Borr seeks connection to the giants by marrying Bestla. There has to be a constant balance between the nourishing warmth and fluid flowing, and the solid cold stiff thinking and bound to law substance in order to create in a way that is suitable for life in our perspective of it. So you will notice that continuously these types of marriages between contradictions keep occuring.

But yes, Borr marries the Giantess Bestla, and get 3 sons: Odin, Vili and Vé – We call them Wodan, Willi and Wee – They are 3 forces:

Odin/Wodan = works in the area of Thinking and the development of the mind (Wodan, comes from Woeden, it’s a rushing wind, we connect thought with wind) – think force

Vili/Willi = works in the area of Will/ will force

Vé/wee = Works in the area of feeling (wee = hurt, in many verbs it comes back and always is associated with feelings of hurt, or in a suffering way. Which indicates that in the beginning feeling wasn’t a very pleasant thing.

In the time of Buri and borr, the soul of man was still a unity, but now with the coming of these three new forces, there came differences. The very fresh beginning for the capabilities to think, feel and want. This was only a start, a lot still had to be done. In this stage, man wasn’t shaped yet as a real being. There had to be created all sorts of conditions in order to let man come to awareness. In the micro cosmos, that means the development of the awareness of place and time. That process I will describe in the next post!


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