Space and time by killing a giant

The development of the awareness – space and time

To bring mankind towards the awareness of space, Odin, Vili and Vé had to kill the ancient giant Ymir. Because Ymir stops moving (continuously changing) there came the opportunity to orientate. In order to orientate mankind needs steady waypoints to fixate. Because of this, the impressions  that would reach man via the senses in a later stage could be seen. There needed to be clearly lined shapes, not cloudy ever-changing glimpses of images. Because of the steady-lined images, later on man became able to experience space from within.

Macro-cosmic this expresses itself in the creation of the Earth from the flesh of Ymir. The frost giants get drowned, which means they disappear. Only the giant Bergelmir escapes with his family, and from him exists the entire breed of giants.

We as the human kind can only live within very strict boundaries of nature. Temperature has to be between +50 and -50 Celsius, winds of 200km/h we can’t have. In this same fashion, there are many more boundaries/limitations we need to thrive. Only the area of the giant Bergelmir is accessible to us, all the other forces (frost giants) have to disappear.

In a macro-cosmic sense, this means that a place to live is being created for mankind. The same goes for man itself (micro-cosmic): If we had to experience everything, and would be able to process it in a thousand different ways, we would become crazy and completely chaotic. Our consciousness has it’s boundaries or limitations as well, in order to function well.

Well we have just created our living space, but now it gets more complicated, because we have to create time. The idea itself is not so hard to grasp, but who exactly were the “Radende gods” – I don’t know the English word for this, but luckily I can try to make it visual by explaining the different roots that are associated with “raden”.

Rad = wheel, Raderen = spinning, wheel is also in the word weilding. The sunwheel, is called a zonne-rad. The wheel of a chariot with it’s 8 spokes is a very distinctive and typical symbol in the germanic mythology.

It is typically known that the sun, the moon and stars are taken as sparks from Muspelheim (the fiery world) and thrown into the sky. So they come from the same nourishing source, and most likely are picked up by the same hands. As the sun is round, the moon is round, the stars are round. They all spin the night sky, and are set in their rhythm to keep time…. by the “radaring gods” – the spinning/turning/weilding/guessing/advising gods. It implies that they are other beings then the “general” gods, as if they are from a different hierarchy, a different sort of elemental. The task of these beings, was to place people into time.

It was the job of the Aesir – those are the ones normally called as gods, different from the ones mentioned above, had the task to develop the capability to sense  and realise time within mankind. To make them aware of time and place, and their own presence there in.

A period of rest arrives. The Aesir – Aces, Azen, As, ash, Axis – which refers most likely to those that are the centre of a certain area that surrounds them, and what they control. Every Ase has it’s own field – literally as a round disc where everything spins around. I hope I didn’t get your head spinning – but the sense of movement and the importance of the wheel really matters a lot if you ever start internalising  the stories.

Anyway, there rest gets disturbed by 3 female giants, most likely the 3 norns: Urd, Verdandi and Skuld  – Past, presence and future. It is a logical happening, because by setting mankind into a state of awareness and time – There have been made new laws and measures: The law and consequences of time. That is why they in this phrase come from jotunheim. Elsewhere in the Edda, it is said they stem from different sort of beings. They spin the faith of people etc., and there visit the Aesir in their homestead at Idavöllr, whilst they are building tools, and are playing games – what can be translated as well as forging the destiny and tools for the human prototype. Playing dice, and other sorts of simple chess-like and gambling games have been a very powerful tool for divination, because it is the universe itself that decides the outcome. It is literally giving out of hands, and leave it to the giants (the cosmic forces).

The gods killed Ymir, they disrupted the cosmic balance to start their own plan, and thus they started to walk a path of no return. In return they had to let the giants in to making up the destiny. And of course the Aesir also need the giants to remember them of the laws and areas the people are bound in. Enough of this for now.

Let’s summarize what has been made until now:

–          The brain and the nerve system and the senses

–          A nourishing and warm area

–          Place/space, the possibility to experiencing space/place

–          Time, or the possibility to experiencing time

But this doesn’t mean that mankind would be able to understand the world around him with these new capabilities. There were more needs. The cosmic wisdom is far too big for man to grasp, and he can’t get grip on it from any side. Man would be only able to attain this wisdom if it would be divided in smaller pieces, so he could digest it in smaller parts over time. Only by taking the step by step approach, man would be able to get a growing individual understanding about the world that surrounds him.

That is the reason why before mankind was called to consciousness, the carriers of these pieces of wisdom had to be created. The dwarves will be the carriers, but they had to be created first. So in the next post, I will try to explain the function and creation of the dwarves.

For now, it’s time for a nice cold beer, I think I earned that!

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