Between Widar and Wodan – Chapter 2: Creative forces in a shapeless vessle

2. Creation

For the start of creation read

Also some parts of grimnismal:

and gylfaginning:

Don’t worry, only the volüspa will do for the general idea :-D, but you never know if there are some diehards out there that like the complete picture.

A seer is someone that gets in to a sort of trance and receives images and messages, that get expressed. The name Gangleri means “he who travels” – It is meant as traveling on the spirit path. He is an initiated one, which means his inner schooling has allowed him to be awake and fully aware in contact with the spiritual world.

The “children of Heimdal” are all the people that belong to the northern mystery tradition, which means all people that speak Germanic languages. Odin is the leader, he leads the development of his people. He can be called “the spirit of the people”,  or is better known Allfather (father of all) – Which means the primal ancestor of the Germanic people. He has got many different names, because the initiate is often named as the spiritual creature that inspired him. Inspiring in this sense literally means becoming in spirit, and thus automatically becomes that what inspires him. In English shape shifting might be the correct word.

There is also a part that deals with the other creation myths: The big bang theory, the Christian myth, and the Akasha – I suggest is you really want the ins and out on that, please google it – In the book these are referred to as in showing similarities between the esoteric mystery traditions, and opening the mind more for the specific imagery and perception you need to experience the depth of the knowledge. My only tip to be able to follow is to simply allow yourself to be completely lost in the ocean of images and just trust that in time the puzzle becomes a natural map that unfolds itself within your self. Okay, let’s move on.

2.3 The meaning of the creation story from the Edda

In this story it goes about the creation of the earth and at the same time about the development of man. It is not so strange if you imagine that the macro-cosmos reflects itself in the human. The human is the micro cosmos – Not for no reason we have the signs of the zodiac and knowledge about the influence of planets etc.

2.3.1 Ginnungagap

The story tells about the absence of any form and shape. That doesn’t mean there is no energy present. It just isn’t shaped yet. Flows of energy go thru each other as a formless chaos where the forces of ether are.

Two areas started to exist, the cold Niflheim in the north and hot Muspelheim in the south. Fire and ice.  I will skip the details of describing how they came together and started to melt, vaporize, mingle and shape. Just assume it did, or else look it up in the above sources.

The interesting part is, how you can reflect this process on mankind. Long before man had any awareness and could see the world, Niflheim emerged. In this area exists the source Hvergelmir – a life source that gets nourished by the spiritual world.

From this source, there are twelve Elivágar  – force streams that become stiff and stop. The image portrayed here, is the “birth” of the brain and the twelve main nerves, that once sprung from the moving ether-streams.

These main-nerves didn’t continue to flow, they stopped as soon they were far enough removed from the source. Then the process of refining starts: “Damp rose from the water, and descended as icy ripe – snow like  ice, sleet might be the word – And one layer came on the other layer. Ripe (the tiny ice crystals) is much more refined and lighter, thinner of structure then ice. And as the story goes, ripe filled a big part of Ginnungagap. There starts in man a refined network of nerves that spread over large parts of the still “plastic” – jellyfish like shapeless body.

It’s the image of the beginning of our head-brain-nerve system with its refined branches. The connection of cold and development of awareness, you can understand if you think about a refreshing cool, in opposite to a lazy making warmth. If it’s cool, you can think well, and if it’s warm the thinking often changes into a wooly dreaming. Especially if it’s moist, damp like warmth.

More of this in a next post. It’s time to go to bed 🙂


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