As above, So below – AstroTheology and Syncretism

Astrotheology and syncretism were brought to my attention by my online discovery of Santos Bonacci AKA MrAstrotheology‘s material.

It talks about the very basic principles of as above, so below and uses the zodiac  and the seven planets as a reflection in everything. My first fascination started by the simple meanings of easter and christmas – how the equinoxes and solstices are marked in the night and morning sky and clearly to be found back in mythology / religious texts.

My first interest was about the archaeo-astronomy: the alignment of dolmens and temples on solstice and equinox, but also on sirius alignments.

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Testblog in the offline writer


quick practical blogging

So I’ve downloaded this offline desktop version of to see if I will write more and in different ways. I cleaned up my laptop to create a nicer faster and more practical workspace.

Somehow I feel the need to organize stuff and make it easier to start some creative work on the go. I want to implement being creative into my daily live more, so it’s important that I have my notes, lyrics, tabs and writers close at hand.

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Netwerken is net werken!

Netwerken Sjpielsewolf.wordpress

Netwerken, een nieuwe prikkel zoeken – een frisse wind.

Ik ben een persoon die gemakkelijk geïnspireerd wordt. Ik hou van enthousiasme, plannen, ideeën, projecten, concepten en vooral die bruisende energie die het met zich mee brengt. De positieve vibe en speelsheid die uitgaat van goeie projecten die vol enthousiasme worden uitgevoerd.

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Herr Mannelig notes, tabs, sheet and lyrics

Herr Mannelig lyrics

Bittida en morgon innan solen upprann
Innan foglarna började sjunga
Bergatrollet friade till fager ungersven
Hon hade en falskeliger tunga

Herr Mannelig herr Mannelig trolofven i mig
För det jag bjuder så gerna
I kunnen väl svara endast ja eller nej
Om i viljen eller ej

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